A Veritas Global Databerg Report found that 15 percent of the average company’s data is considered business-critical, 33 percent is ROT (Redundant, Obsolete or Trivial) and 52 percent is unclassified (dark). That means 85 percent of your organization’s data isn’t business-critical and can be erased. Use this template to track what types of data you currently have in your organization and how you’re sanitizing it. Then compare your answers with our “Data Sanitization Methods” cheat-sheet to see if you’re following best practices.

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Confused about which types of data require specific data sanitization methods?

This cheat-sheet will help you determine which data file types and data storage applications you should use to completely and permanently remove data. Whether you work with HR data, call center data, sales information or otherwise, download the chart to understand the most effective data sanitization method for your organization.

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