AUSTIN, TEXAS – January 28, 2021Blancco Technology Group (LON: BLTG), the industry standard in data erasure and mobile device diagnostics, today announced that Fredrik Forslund, vice president of enterprise cloud and data center erasure solutions at Blancco, has been appointed director of the International Data Sanitization Consortium (IDSC). Forslund will lead the Consortium in its mission to educate organizations and standards bodies about the permanent eradication of data, clarifying industry terminology and guidelines to ensure compliance with data security, protection and privacy laws
The IDSC strategic advisory board consists of executives and industry veterans from large enterprise, ITAD, analyst firms, lobby organizations, industry associations and renowned Industry accreditation programs.

Today’s announcement is being made in conjunction with Data Privacy Day, a global effort to generate awareness about the importance of safeguarding data privacy and protecting personal information, as well as reminding organizations of the positive impact on business outcomes that comes from ensuring data privacy is effectively maintained throughout its lifecycle.

“I’m honored to have been selected to help bring to life IDSC’s vision to support the integrity and security of data across the global IT community,” said Forslund. “The time has come to properly define and put in place clear standards that will provide for the effective disposal of Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial (ROT) data that enterprises, governments and the public accumulate over time. Not doing so comes with tremendous risk for the privacy of both organizations and individuals who could suffer massive IT disruptions, financial losses and public safety dangers as the result of cybercrime activities and accidental data breaches. I look forward to collaborating with the Consortium’s strategic advisory board members as we work to make the world of data a safer place.”

Forslund, who will continue in his position at Blancco, said IDSC efforts will focus on a number of areas, including data sanitization’s role in sustainable IT and reuse, the impact of future technology on sanitization best practices, recommended data processes for the cloud journey, and guidance around new initiatives such as supporting a potential NIST 800-88 R2. The organization will also tackle ambiguities in industry terminology, and work with regulatory bodies to ensure proper use of terms, such as data erasure, data sanitization, data hygiene, data security lifecycle, data lifecycle management, physical destruction and degaussing, and more. IDSC initiatives will drive adherence to the standards and definitions established by the Consortium as it looks to help businesses ensure better compliance with data security, protection and privacy laws.

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About International Data Sanitization Consortium

The International Data Sanitization Consortium’s (IDSC) mission is to build consensus around definitions and best practices for data erasure, data lifecycle management, and data security lifecycle in compliance with security and privacy laws, standards and regulations. A key mission is to support sustainability and reduced destruction of functioning IT assets to reduce e-waste. The Consortium also supports the advancement of information technology with organizations adhering to and receiving best practices in data sanitization. IDSC advisory members include educators, analysts, technology solutions providers, IT asset disposition companies and enterprise organizations. Visit to learn more.

About Blancco Technology Group

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